Market Quotations This Week

The existing new crown vaccine is effective against the new virus and eliminates concerns about the plunge in fuel demand; geographic tensions and the disappointing Iranian nuclear weapons negotiations have boosted crude oil prices. Therefore, the chemical fiber industry continues to fluctuate upward.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber: Crude oil prices continued to rebound, and raw material costs remained high. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene remained stable this week, and high-end products were still in short supply.




Polyester: crude oil prices continue to rebound, and the epidemic situation in Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places in China is rising, especially when the Ningbo Zhenhai area has two sets of main PX devices, one set of main PTA devices and two sets of MEG devices. Affected by this, the spot market prices of PTA and MEG have significantly strengthened this week.

Nylon: The raw material slice market is slightly stable, and the trend of nylon remains stable. The overall operating rate of the nylon industry is 74.5%. Terminal textile companies have recently under-operated. The operating rate of knitting enterprises is 40% to 60%, and the operating rate of weaving enterprises is more than 70%. Based on comprehensive judgment, the nylon industry is trending smoothly.

Acrylic: The cost of acrylic has remained high this week. Acrylic prices have remained strong due to cost. However, the factory’s production enthusiasm is not high, the load continues to fall, and the demand performance is weak. It is expected that the acrylic operating rate will remain low in the short term.

Post time: Jun-06-2022