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With economic development and social progress, people’s material life is constantly improving, the amount of solid waste discarded in daily life is also increasing. White pollution has become a topic of common concern for all human, and the protection of the ecological environment has also received people’s attention. Therefore, the research of environmentally friendly regeneration and biodegradable new materials has attracted the attention of the world. In this environment, PLA fiber which is biodegradable from plants, has become a new textile material and is favored by the market.

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Polylactic acid fiber (PLA) also known as polylactide fiber is a new type of biodegradable biomass fiber that uses renewable plant resources (such as corn, wheat, and tapioca starch) as raw materials to obtain glucose through saccharification. Certain strains are fermented to produce high-purity lactic acid, and polylactic acid with a certain molecular weight is synthesized through chemical synthesis methods, then polymerized and spun to make new fibers which are common natural substances in organisms (including human bodies). PLA fiber has good biocompatibility and bioabsorbability as well as good biodegradability, bacteriostasis, flame retardancy, warmth retention, moisture absorption and breathability. Polylactic acid fiber (PLA) is made from starch with lactic acid as raw material and the production process is pollution-free. The solid waste after use can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in soil and water, and will not pollute the environment. Under sunlight and photosynthesis, plants can regenerate carbon dioxide and water in the air into starch which can be recycled in nature. This is very beneficial to protecting the environment and is recognized as a green polymer and environmentally friendly material.

Antibacterial mechanism: The low-polymerization fatty acid chain in PLA fiber can destroy harmful cell walls/membrane. The acidic substance released by the low-polymerization fatty acid chain destroys the acid-base balance in the cell body, causing the leakage of intracellular substances, which causes a A series of chain reactions eventually destroy the living environment of harmful bacteria, leading to the death of harmful bacteria.

Main Properties

◎ Environmental protection: PLA products buried in soil or water will decompose into CO2 and H2O
◎ Good processing performance: similar strength and elongation with polyester and nylon, while lowest melting point and low modulus
◎ Soft and smooth: with silk-like soft luster and touch, good drape, currently closest to mulberry silk
◎ Good biocompatibility: derived from natural plants, weakly acidic
◎ Natural skin-friendly: especially suitable for allergic constitution, pregnant women, infants and special groups
◎ Insulation close-fitting: good resilience, high fluffiness, warmth is 1.8 times higher than high-quality cotton core
◎ Bacteriostatic and anti-mite: textiles will automatically sort out 17 small molecules such as lactic acid during use, forcing mites to escape, and the bacteriostatic rate of bacteria and fungi is greater than 98%, which has excellent anti-mite and anti-mite effects.
◎ Breathable & moisture removal: unique fiber microstructure brings excellent breathable and moisture conductivity
◎ Excellent flame-retardant effect, good heat resistance and UV resistance

Main Applications

Clothes, Bedding, Hygiene products, Underwear, Maternal and baby products, Socks.



Garment performance comparison between PLA fiber and other fibers

Fiber type Polyester Cotton Silk Bamboo Fiber PLA
acteria & mite
Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Breathability Poor Fair Poor Good Excellent
Fire resistance 20 16 17 18 26~30
PH Value - - 7 - 6~6.3
Degradability Very Poor Good Good Good Excellent
Drapability Fair Poor Good Poor Excellent
Wrinkle resistance Good Fair Poor Fair Excellent
Heat retention Fair Good Poor Good Good
Cooling performance Fair Good Poor Good Excellent
Raw material Petrol Cotton Silk Bamboo Lactic acid
Pollution Chemical pollution Pesticide residue None Chemical extraction None

Processing performance comparison between PLA fiber and other fibers

Fiber type Cotton Viscose Silk Wool PLA Nylon Polyester Acrylic
Relative density 1.52 1.52 1.3-1.45 1.32 1.27 1.14 1.38 1.8
Strength (g/d) 1.9-3.1 2.5 4 1.6 3.8-4.5 4.5 4-4.5 4
Stretch (5%) 52 32 52 69 93 89 65 50
 Melting point(℃) - - - - 60-175 215 255 320
Flammability Burning Burning Burning Burning(slow) Less smoke (extinguish after 2” without fire) Medi-smoke Much smoke (extinguish after 6” without fire) Medi-smoke
 Heat of combustion (MJ/KG) 17 17 - 21 19 31 25-30 31
Oxygen Limitation index (%) 16-17 17-19 - 24-25 28 20-24 20-22 18
UV resistance Fair Poor Poor Fair Poor Fair Excellent Poor Fair Excellent
Gloss angle 1.53 1.52 1.54 1.54 1.35-1.45 1.52 1.54 1.5
Water contact angle - - - - 76 70 82 -
Spinning method - Wet spinning - - Melting spinning Melting spinning Melting spinning Dry spinning


Fiber type





FDY: Linear: 75D~300D / 36F~96F

DTY: Linear: 50D~200D / 24F~72F

◎ Antibacterial naturally

◎ Renewable & sustainable

◎ 100% Biodegradable & compostable

◎ Low carbon and friendly with environment

Apparel, Textile

PLA Microfiber

Linear: 0.5D~0.9D

Length: 5mm / 6mm / 12mm / 18mm / 38mm / 51mm / 64mm ~102mm

Type: Crimp / Uncrimp

◎ Soft feel

◎ Excellent moisture bsorbency

Nonwoven, Paper-making, Oil exploration, Apparel, Textile

PLA Fiber for Spinning Linear: 0.5D / 0.6D / 0.8D / 0.9D / 1.2D / 1.3D / 1.5D / 2D / 3D

Length: 36mm / 38mm / 51mm

◎ Odor resistance

◎ Light and lofty feel

◎ Excellent skin affinity

◎ Good moisture transport

◎ Excellent shape retention and crease resistance

Pure or blending spinning for apparel and textile

 PLA Staple Fiber Linear: 0.8D / 0.9D / 1.2D / 1.3D / 1.5D / 2D / 3D

Length: 5mm / 6mm / 12mm / 18mm

Dry or Moisture 15%

◎ Good hydrophilicity

◎ Excellent dispersibility

◎ 100% safety in use, FDA&ISEGA approved

Food packag3e, Wallpapers, Airlaid paper, Nonwoven (spunlace with woodpulp) and oil exploration
PLA Fiber for Fiberfill Linear: 3D / 5D / 6D / 7D / 10D / 12D / 15D / 25D

Length: 51mm / 64mm / 76mm

Type: Siliconized / Non-siliconized /  Solid&hollow

◎ UV resistant

◎ Natural wicking performance

◎ Outstanding filling power and resilience

◎ Low flammability and smoke generation

◎ Superior strength retention and discoloration resistance

Homeware items, Pillow, Cushion, Duvet, Blanket, Mattress pad, Toy
Dope Dyed PLA Fiber Linear: 6D / 7D

Length: 64mm / 76mm

Color: Coffee, Green, Blue etc.

◎ 100% Biodegradable

◎ 100%Compostable

Needle punch nonwoven for horticultural weed control

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